Carla Anne Coroy, Life & Business Coach, together with Randy Wolgemuth, a John Maxwell Certified Coach, will be hosting the first ever Total Transformation Event 1.0. It’s the first of its kind in this area and we know it’s something that could positively shift your business or your personal life in a dramatic way.

Because this is a never-been-done event for this region, we would like to meet with you personally, or talk with you over video or phone to really communicate the benefit this will be for you and fill you in on what you can expect. 

Just for starters:

1. This is going to be a get-away day to really dig in and focus on YOUR action plan.

2. We want a relaxed atmosphere in a quaint and set-back venue. So please… wear casual comfy clothes, and not your stuffy business attire!

3. Never will you have such a great opportunity to honestly get input from your staff, or peers, or mentors all at the same time!

4. It’s a day where you will actually start AND finish a monumental task in the same day.

We are offering individual and package pricing to make it as easy as possible to bring your entire staff, your management or leadership team, or a group of volunteers. Even a group of friends who all want to tackle that ONE THING that keeps holding them back would be a perfect fit for this event.

The event is Tuesday, May 14th. Sign-in will begin at 8:30am. The first session will start at 8:55 sharp. We’ll have you wanting to stay right into the evening, but we’ll let you go by 5:00 pm. All meals, snacks and beverages will be provided. 

Randy Wolgemuth
John Maxwell Coach (Specializing in high level business coaching.)

Randy is just as comfortable in a high-stakes business meeting as he is riding the open road on his Harley. Having grown up in a family in which faith and hard work were part of everyday life, Randy’s business ethics and life practices continue to ground his success in down-to-earth ways. 

Randy’s life experience spans from devastating loss to exhilarating highs, and all the ups and downs in between. Having benefitted from the mentorship of his Dad while working as his employee and later his partner, he intentionally mentors the next generation in his family and businesses. His Dad was one of many strong role models Randy credits for the solid foundation of integrity and service-oriented principles he lives by. 

When obstacles arise, and difficult decisions are to be made, Randy’s positive outlook, firm belief in God’s provision and direction, and decades of experience, motivate his creative solutions and give credibility to his coaching. 

Ultimately, Randy has a passion for people. His goal is to invest in others in such a way that they become successful and in turn invest in others. Whether it’s business savvy, leadership skills, or family-life balance, Randy is willing to authentically share himself with others for their benefit.

Carla Anne Coroy
Business & Life Coach (Empowering you to live your legacy now.)

As a Canadian prairie girl – born and raised – then living in Toronto, upstate New York, and Southern California it’s been a wild ride with many adventures, ups and downs, and cross-continental moves. Carla Anne is a passionate woman with deep convictions, supernatural love for others, and divinely-given wisdom. She’s fun, down-to-earth, and a no-nonsense kind of gal.

She’s been speaking in public forums from small groups of 20 to groups of over a thousand, from keynote to seminar speaker, from facilitator to training coach. There have been plenty of radio interviews and television opportunity as well.

Carla Anne has started her own successful business, was self-employed in home-based sales, was a Director for a faith-based not-for-profit organization for Central & Western Canada, has managed and developed businesses for others, and even been successful in automotive retail sales. She is also the author of an award-winning book and an accomplished copywriter and editor. 

Mentoring and coaching in a formal setting began in 2003 and continues to be the inspiration and driving force that keeps her excited each day. Her coaching has spanned specific areas such as business finance, personal finance, marital coaching, prayer & journaling coaching, spiritual coaching (Christian), and life coaching.  

There’s nothing more exciting to her than to see men and women grow, change and be completely transformed by daily implementation of tiny changes that literally (and scientifically) change the way they think, see the world, and engage in relationship. 

She’s not going to be easy on you – but you’ll be challenged each time you meet and she’ll give you plenty of encouragement!! With Carla Anne you are sure to get your money’s worth!