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You have a lot of things on your plate. Whether it’s being responsible for market penetration, keeping your staff happy and reducing turn-over, adjusting your advertising to the ever-changing culture, or simply every business person’s goal – growing the bottom line. Any number of things beg for your attention at any given time. But there is likely the ONE THING that keeps nagging at you. A hurdle. An obstacle. Something that you feel NEEDS TO CHANGE for your business or personal life to move forward. 

If that ONE THING was easy for you to do, you would have done it. So my guess is it’s been ignored, or delegated to someone else without the success you’d hoped for, or you have tried a few quick fixes and nothing seems to get you over the hump. 

Everyone has that ONE THING. By now you have probably thought about at least one thing that you wish you could change or shift in your company that would make a big difference for you.

At the first ever Total Transformation Event you will clarify the ONE THING, and then come up with a step-by-step action plan that you can start carrying out the minute you leave the building that day! 

This full day event is not like other workshops or seminars where you listen to speakers for hours on end, go home with a booklet of your own notes to hide in a drawer, or a plethora of ideas that may never get out of your head and into reality. Not at the Total Transformation Event.

During the day you will learn from up-front teaching, round-table discussions and have time to actually flesh out your action plan. You will also have opportunity to network and share your wisdom with others who can learn from you. When you leave the building after the event you will be encouraged, you’ll have your action plan in hand, and you will have breathed new life into that ONE THING.

We know this is an opportunity you have never had before. And we’re excited to be offering it here for the first time.